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        1. Welcome to Tianjin Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) Co. , Ltd.
          Tianjin Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) Co. , Ltd. ( Binhai Teda Logistics abbreviation TBTL) is a highly specialized integrated logistics group of companies , the controlling party of Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co. , Ltd. . The Group has a wealth of operational experience in the electronic parts logistics...
          TBTL provide comprehensive logistics services for domestic cars and imported cars, including: vehicle inspection days ago, transport planning, multimodal transport, customs clearance, inspection and other services. For cars manufactured in China, TBTL for customers General Inspection car shell and arrange the car shipped to the customer's garage pending distribution. Upon receipt of the Customer's instructions.
          Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) Co. , Ltd.
          We look forward to your call
          We solve your problems
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          Copyright 2009-2011,http://tbtl.cn/01.aspx Tianjin Binhai Teda Logistics (Group) Co. , Ltd. Jin ICP: 05001360 No.
          N0.39, Bohai Road, TEDA, Tianjin. TEL:+86 022-59858181 FAX:+86 022-59858100 E-mail:corp@tbtl.cn